Wednesday 16 March 2011



  1. Have a look at the clothes you are wearing and choose 2 garments, see where they are made.
  1. Now choose one of them.
       Think of the country it was made in.
       What do you know about this country?
       And, about the factory where your garment was made?
       Imagine what this factory can be like.
       Describe what you have imagined.

Have you seen in the video what you have imagined?

3.   Now think of the person who made your garment.
How old could he/she be?
How many hours does he/she work every day?
How many days a week does he/she work?
Was he/she tired when she was manufacturing it?
Had he/she eaten anything that day?
How much was he/she paid to make it?
Does he/she like his/her job?
Has he/she ever been to school regularly?
Would he/she like to be doing something different?
How does he/she feel?

Now, using the questions above, imagine you are this person and speak about his/her life, wishes and feelings as if they were yours.
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  1. When you look at your clothes, have you ever thought who made them? When you have breakfast or lunch, have you ever thought who collected the cocoa beans to make it or the wheat to make your biscuits? Have you ever reflected upon the fact that the people who made the  clothes or trainers you wear or even harvested the food you eat are people who may be your own age or younger and who cannot study or choose to have a different life?
  2. Think about forms of slavery, how would you define slavery at present?

  1. Did you know there are very young children and young people all over the world fighting against child slavery?

7.  What do you think you can do together with your friends to live in a fairer world?

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