Saturday 22 September 2012

Solidarity Youth Path’s "Operation: Awakening”

Solidarity Youth Path proposes a campaign that will culminate in a great March against Child Slavery throughout Spain in 2014. The first part of the campaign is called Operation: Awakening.
With this video they invite all young people with a solidarity spirit of goodwill to join this unavoidable cause.
Not even a single child slave in the world! This is not one more problem. This is not mere sentimentality. The tragedy of child slavery is the glaring proof of the institutional dis-order we are in. "Operation: Awakening" is a strong commitment and determination of political action to reveal the inviolable dignity of the human person, and therefore, of any child or young person.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with this organisation if you are interested in getting more information.

Operation: Awakening: against the causes of Child Slavery, Unemplyment and Labour Exploitation!

Saturday 15 September 2012

Chinese Slaves Write to Us

Extracted from

In Santiago de Compostela, a woman told us that while doing her Christmas shopping, she went past a Chinese Bazaar where she saw a note written in Chinese on a slip of cardboard but, as she couldn’t understanding a word, she gave it no importance. 
After translating it into Spanish, we were impressed by its content, which we want to make publicly known.

Dear friends,

When you are wearing these bags, do you know where they are made? These bags come from a Chinese prison. As prisoners, we have to work 19 hours a day. We have no time to rest, or much to eat, and still less do we have human rights. There is no freedom here, just work to do day and night non-stop.

Monday 10 September 2012

Samsung Accused of Enslaving Children and Exploiting Workers in China


Samsung Electronics, the world's largest mobile and smartphone maker, is being accused of exploiting younger workers and using factories in China where some employees were physically and verbally abused, and forced to work more than 100 hours per month of overtime.

China Labor Watch, a New York-based organisation set up by Chinese activist Li Quang in 2000, also alleges that its investigation of six Samsung-owned plants and two of its suppliers showed that safety measures – such as providing protective clothing for workers – were not followed.

Workers were barred from sitting during shifts and some suffered physical and verbal abuse, the organisation alleges in the 122-page report. The organisation said it investigated eight plants in China that produce mobile phones, media players, DVD players, TV components, mobile displays, printers, home appliances and mobile phone casings for Samsung. The plants' staff totals more than 24,000 workers.

Investigators entered the factories undercover, or spoke to workers away from the factories.

Samsung acknowledged to the Associated Press that poor working conditions "may have arisen" due to production demands and that a review would take place immediately.

Retail Fashion Chain Zara Accused of Child Slavery and Exploitation in Brazil

Zara owner is world's third-richest person

Amancio Ortega has been placed third on Bloomberg's latest list of the world's richest people thanks to his fashion company Inditex, and thanks to children and women's exploitation in Brazil, Morocco...

A number of articles in the international media over recent days have reported on an investigation by Brazil’s Ministry of Labour into the Spanish retail fashion chain Zara after a contractor in São Paulo was found to be using employees in sweatshop conditions to make garments for the company. According to The Guardian newspaper in the UK: “The Brazilian government listed 52 charges against Inditex, Zara’s parent company, after it ‘rescued’ 15 workers from a factory sub-contracted by AHA, the company responsible for 90% of Zara’s Brazilian production. Fourteen of the workers were Bolivians and one was from Peru. One was 14.”