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Time to Flee

Aims of the activity:
-  to know the facts: reasons why people have to ask for refuge in another country; the hazardous situations and harsh conditions they endure
-  to empathise with refugees leaving their homes and countries.

 The Path to Development

Aims of the activity:
- to develop an understanding that the imbalance in North-South relations is one of the factors which forces people to seek better living conditions in other countries.
- to understand the interdependence between countries and people.

The Escape

Aim of the activity:
- to identify the possible feelings, hopes, and fears of refugees forced to leave their homes against their will.
- to develop knowledge and understanding of democracy, legal and human rights and responsibilities, systems of justice, and skills in communication and working with others.

Aims of the activity:
- to identify and analyse: the basis of inequality of opportunities for the impoverished, the concept of success, what personal traits have those people we look up to.


Making the News

Aims of the activity:
- to experience reporting an event.
- to develop an understanding about how reporting becomes biased.
- to be more aware of how our own perceptions may be distorted.

Aims of the activity:
- to reveal some of the pressures that force children into work.
- to understand the pressures of trying to survive in an economy with massive unemployment and no social security.
- to question our use of the world’s resources.
- to look at and debate the ways in which work is organised and the economic systems  exploit vulnerable communities.