Laws designed to restrict or manipulate the immigration of people are meant to serve the interests of the ruling classes of the world.

Behind such false pretenses as “national security,” protecting the wages and living standards, or defending immigrant workers against ruthless exploitation by unscrupulous employers lies the real motive: having a program to take care of the needs of the economy, not of the people.

The economy would collapse if every undocumented worker were deported from Europe. Many immigrants are working the jobs that native-born workers do not want. However, there are many unemployed people would be willingly to fill those jobs if they were not dirty, dangerous and so poorly paid.

Unemployment and whatever pressure immigrant labour places on wages are a direct result of the competitive economic system itself. It is a byproduct of the system of wage labour, which forces workers to compete for their livelihoods on the basis of the conditions laid. Accordingly, efforts to scapegoat immigrants only serve to divide workers against one another, place greater hardships on immigrants and their families, and draw attention away from the source of these problems.

It is clear that it is the economic system that exploits people the responsible for economic hardship and insecurity for all workers; that it compels people to leave their home countries and seek employment elsewhere and that immigration laws only serve to benefit the enriched.