Thursday 10 March 2011

JANADESH: The People's Verdict


Janadesh is the most important non-violent protest movement since Gandhi's times. Over 30 days, 25,000 men and women from the poorest areas of India walk along the highway the 350 km that separate the city of Gwalior and the Indian Parliament, in Delhi. Their goal: to start a widespread hunger strike to demand the fair redistribution of land. These warriors without weapons believe that their sacrifice, discipline and personal suffering are better tools than guns to bring about social change. They are aware of the dangers of exposing themselves to their opponents' violence without seeking an eye for an eye, but they are convinced that their actions are more worthwhile than hours of speeches. When faced with the marchers' courageous attitude, the Indian government, concerned about the country's image as an emerging economic force and worldwide center of mysticism, finds itself with no choice but to respond...

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