Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Fight for Freedom

Song by Manowar

Before listening to the song, a lead-in activity can be done. We can talk about Freedom with our students.

Sometimes we may believe that freedom means doing whatever we want, instead of relating this word to freedom of choice, which is only possible when we know the truth. Then, freedom and choice are hand in hand.

In order to lead the students to reflect on these concepts, we can ask them to define freedom by thinking of those things that enslave them, their friends and other people in the whole world.

After doing the activity we can talk about what  first step we can take to set ourselves free from things that enslave us.

We can even ask students to think of a friend of theirs and how they can help him/her to set himself/herself free from something that enslaves him/her.

Moreover, we can also talk about things that enslave people in the world and what we can do to fight against this.

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