Friday 3 June 2011

Tomorrow's Violence Lies in Today's Injustice

Unless governments tackle injustice, especially that one perpetrated against children and youth, and demonstrate to the wide society a firm determination to establish justice as a foundation principle on which to build this world, crime and violence will grow. Where injustice and corruption reign, crime and violence thrive, resulting in economic deterioration.

No economy can grow in an atmosphere of corruption and injustice. In this type of social environment, only very few prosper; the majority of the people will see an increase in poverty and many will resort to crime, as they continue to lose confidence in the system.

The outrageous reality of the kids in the documentary below could be solved overnight if there were political will to put an end to the violation of children's dignity and rights. Nothing has more priority than defending the weakest members of our society.

The documentary shows what is happening in Leningrad, but this video might well have been filmed in any impoverished country and only the language would change.

It is essetial to exert liberating moral pressure to transform these children's world, our world. Some people may argue there is no hope, but even without hope, as the inhabitants of this global village our world is, we have the right and a moral obligation to protect our children.

The Children of Leningradsky

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