Thursday 23 June 2011

Consuming Kids

The film Consuming Kids is an eye-opening account of the pervasive and pernicious effects of children’s advertising on kids' health and well-being. This is an in-depth look at how children are manipulated and exploited, every moment of every day, to become the best consumers possible.

However, it fails to show the effects this rampant consumerism has on impoverished countries and on people, especially slave children, from these countries.

For this reason, if the film is used with the Study Guide (see below), it is advisable to also do one of the activities of this blog which helps us reflect upon the relationship that there exists between our consumerism and the impoverished.

If English is not your mother-tongue and you find it difficult to follow the dialogues, the Film Tapescript can be read on the following link:


Click on this link to see possible activities to do with students: 

In other lessons, the following activities can be done so that students can also see the relationship existing between consumerism and impoverished people's exploitation: MULTINATIONALS PROFIT, WE CONSUME, THEY DIE or SLAVERY AT PRESENT

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