Friday 12 October 2012

‘The Forbidden Education’, a documentary film.

On August 13 the documentary film The Forbidden Education will premiere online and in independent film centers. The film is a collectively funded project based on a study which spans eight Latin American countries and analyzes 45 unconventional educational experiences, closely examining the logic of modern schooling and its understanding of education. Moreover, it includes interviews with more than 90 education professionals who are applying alternative educational proposals, including the Montessori method, homeschooling, systemic pedagogy, popular education, free education, logosophical pedagogy, Kilpatrick project methods, new active schools, democratic schools, Waldorf education and the Reggio Emilia approach.

As the filmmakers explain, schools have existed for over 200 years and are still regarded as the main way of accessing education. And yet nowadays the very concepts of school and education are subject of debate in academic forums, public policies, educational institutions, the communication media and civil society. Those who challenge existing educational structures and practices agree that current models do not take nature, the freedom of choice or the importance of love and human relationships into account in individual and collective development.

Over the years, these critical reflections have given rise to proposals and practices which see education in different light, which have dared to challenge the traditional school model of education and whose ideas and experiences venture to explore The Forbidden Education.

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