Sunday 5 August 2012

Charles Dickens' Walk Against Child Slavery

On the occasion of Charles Dickens’ 200 birth anniversary, many tours have taken place along the streets of London. However, to our knowledge, none of them has had Child Slavery as its main theme. Dickens was not only a writer full of literary invention, but a moralist with a strong social conscience who showed empathy with the poor and criticised an inhumane system.

On this account and because there are 400 million child slaves in the world, Solidarity Youth Path, the youth organisation of Christian Cultural Movement, wishing to denounce this evil and to pay homage to Charles Dickens as a writer who appealed to society to take action for social change, is pleased to invite you to a Dickens’ Walk and Exhibition against Child Slavery along the streets of London.


This Walk starts at Borough Tube Station on 22nd August at 10:00 –we recommend being there 10 or 15 minutes before. The next stops will be as follows: John Harvard Library (Marshalsea Prison); Saint George Martyr Church; the George Coaching Inn; Borough Market; Clink Prison Museum; Southwark Cathedral; London Bridge; The Monument and Saint Paul’s Cathedral, where the Walk finishes. Afterwards, we are going to have lunch at Postman’s Park. We would be pleased to share the lunchtime with you to be able to talk about this experience and the different activities against child slavery that are being carried out worldwide, and particularly in Spain.

At each stop, a short performance will be held by youngsters of Solidarity Youth Path and an exhibition denouncing Child Slavery in the past and at present will be displayed.

Child slavery is the first problem of the labour world and its cause is an immoral economic system that is far from God’s Justice. There are slave children in agriculture, in the mining, in the shoe, textile and food industries. There are slave children in the domestic service, child soldiers, sex slave children… There is a veritable war against childhood.

We cannot accept anything less than the eradication of child slavery. Every child has the right to go to school and play, and their parents the right to work to support their families.

Each child slave and exploited worker’s problem is our problem. The only solution to these evils lies in an organised internationalised action of solidarity.

Join this Walk in solidarity with
400 million child slaves in the world!

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