Monday 22 August 2011

More than 100.000 People Starved to Death Yesterday

More than 100.000 people starved to death yesterday.

More than 50.000 children are dying of hunger today.

Thousands of mothers will watch their children die of hunger tomorrow.

This daily crime rarely makes headline news!

Nearly one billion people face hunger every day. Hunger is the bellwether of a deeper malaise. Despite huge increases in productivity and incomes over recent decades, global hunger is on the rise.

Powerful elites amass wealth at the expense of impoverished populations. Bloated biofuel lobbies, hooked on subsidies that divert food from mouths to cars. Dirty industries that block action on emissions.  Enormous agribusiness companies hidden from public view that function as global oligopolies, governing value chains and ruling markets.

Just as an example of how evil this system can be, we can read the following extract from the article entitled: Soft Commodity ETFs: Making Profits With Corn, Wheat, Rice, Soy and Agribusiness ETFs: "Buying softs is the order of the day. Prices on commodities like wheat, corn, rice, soy and other agricultural products are expected to continue to rise, so be on the lookout for soft commodities ETFs."

Also, Oxfam reports that the world’s grain trade is a distinct monopoly, with three agribusiness firms (Cargill, Bunge and ADM) controlling an estimated 90% of grain trading between them.

The FAO purports that the world already produces enough food to feed everyone — 6 billion people — and could feed double — 12 billion people.

Hunger is a crime that Humankind
should hang its head in shame at!

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