Saturday 23 April 2011

“Iqbal Masih” Solidarity School

Iqbal Masih Solidarity School

Young peole who dare to commit themselves...

“Iqbal Masih” Solidarity School project has been under development for the last 20 years as a result of the urgent need to promote people who can be enthusiasts of true education in freedom for a culture of solidarity. This educational experience aims to get students, educators and families involved in the promotion of free people who can lead their personal and collective lives.

The School is Christian inspired and committed to creating a community atmosphere where 12-18-year-old teenagers receive personalised counselling so that they can plan their time, studies and profession from and for a Christian life of solidarity.

On weekdays, after students come back from school, they do their homework and carry out activities such as: learning study techniques, computing, English, arts and drama. Some days they also do sports and take part in a Media workshop and radio streaming.

Apart from their everyday routine on weekdays, they also carry out activities at weekends and during the summer holiday, encouraging youth association and organising educational activities, nature outings, trips, excursions and camps intending to get children to develop friendship and experience solidarity by doing it.  

Being aware of the fact that the family is the basic cell of society, as well as the cradle of solidarity, parents and educators work together on a programme which includes yearly meetings and training courses. They also collaborate with other educational centres by holding workshops on cognitive areas, such as communication language (press, radio­streaming, short films and web design) and human and artistic expression (affective-sexual education, drama, arts, music, digital photography, etc.)  


The school is located in the north of Madrid. It has an extensive range of well-resourced facilities, including comfortable classrooms, an information centre, a radio studio, a library, sport courts and gardens. In the house, students are accommodated in twin bedrooms, all of which have a private bathroom. There are also spacious dining-rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a laundrette, a first-aid room, and multifunctional rooms. It also has a chapel, where a priest holds regular Catholic services. All in all, the Solidarity School “Iqbal Masih” offers the ideal facilities in a friendly and supportive atmosphere for the comprehensive formation of young people in our day, by rekindling the spirit of love and solidarity that must characterise education.

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