Monday 5 May 2014

SYP’s 2014 Solidarity March throughout Spain: against Unemployment and Child Slavery

Marching as a sign of protest has served to empower those who are victims of injustice. 

Solidarity YouthPath2014 SOLIDARITY MARCH throughout Spain in the second fortnight of July 2014 means to side with the over 400 million children who are victims of slavery, with the over 1,600 million adults who are unemployed, with those millions of people worldwide who suffer exploitation…
We challenge every person aiming for a just society to take part in this initiative. If you cannot march with us, during those days you can support our march by carrying out local actions to raise awareness of the CAUSES of Child Slavery and Unemployment 

-Discover Iqbal Masih’s life
- Join our actions against Child Slavery on 16th April.
- Get in touch with us to collaborate with 2014 Solidarity March.
- Count on us to make this initiative known to your friends, groups of people…

or call Pili: +34 617 806 563 

Join this March!

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