Sunday 20 March 2011

The Butterfly Circus


Before watching the film

* Some people get a butterfly tatooed. Do you know what symbolic meaning it may have?

POSSIBLE ANSWER: The butterfly is a symbol of transformation or change, love and joy.
Watch the film

You can also find the film with subtitles in Spanish on YouTube if your students' level is not high enough to understand the film without them.

After watching the film


Discussion Questions:
  1. How do you think Will felt when he was part of the sideshow in the first circus?
  2. In the film, Will stowed away in Mr. Mendez's Butterfly Circus. What differences did Will discover between both circuses?
  3. What groups of society do the circus performers stand for? What do they have in common?
  4. The film shows these members of society were seen as unproductive before joining The Butterfly Circus. What happens in our society with the weakest? Is their human dignity and their right to participate in society recognised?
  5. In what ways did some of the other circus performers change when they joined The Butterfly Circus? Why?
  6. What effect did it have on Will?
  7. How did Will change after he joined the circus?
  8. In what ways did Will begin to possitevely affect the lives of others?
  1. Will's life changed after he met Mr. Mendez. Why?
  2. Can we change that which is negative in our lives? If so, how?
  3. What can we do to show others they can also transform their lives?

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