Monday 26 May 2014

Lesson Plan for the Film: Elysium

Elysium’s takes place in 2154 in a devastated Los Angeles.  Max -the hero- is now a man, but through flashes back to his childhood, we can learn he was an orphan raised by nuns alongside a girl named Frey, who remains his love-interest throughout his life.  Max has a checkered past -he’s a reformed thief, trying to scratch out a living among the rest of his poor peers on Earth.  They live in the shadow of Elysium, a utopian, wealthy and privileged world, devoid of illness, which shimmers in the sky like beacon, always visible but impossible to reach.

The film has many logical flaws and will not get points for originality. However, it has lots of strong sci-fi violence and teens will love it. The plot is very easy to follow and the film can be used to deal with and analyze topics such as migration, frontiers, the role of countries that do the dirty work and keep migrants far away from the first world (Kruger), injustice, poverty, bravery… Then, I believe it can be a good educational film and resource.


Before watching the film

Click on the link: 

Ask students to do this exercise in pairs or teams of 3 or 4 students. Then have a sharing section.

Watch the film

After watching the film

Ask students to answer the questionnaire in teams. 

Questionnaire on “Elysium”

  1. Can you compare the situation Max is going through and how he feels when he is talking to the parole officer robot with any situation you have been in?
  2.  Why do people want to go to Elysium? Can you summarize your answer in one word?
  3. What treatment does Max receive as a worker? Mention 3 facts that can illustrate your reply.
  4. Why do you think three different languages are used: English, Spanish and French? What does each one represent?
  5.  What role does technology have in the film? How is it used at the end of the film?
  6.  Compare the following characters of the film with people, things, institutions or nations of the world we live in.
          a. ELYSIUM
          d. KRUGER
          e. SPIDER
          f. JOHN CARLYLE
          h. MAX

     7.  What happens at the end of the film? Why has Max decided to lay down his life?
     8.  What has been achieved for the world
     9.  What virtues do you think have been put into practice to defeat injustice?
     10.Can you imagine what will happen next?


Have a sharing section and a dialogue.

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