Sunday 17 April 2011

Thousands of People Demonstrating Against Child Salvery

Last Saturday 16 April, on the sixteenth anniversary of Iqbal Masih's murder, thousands of people were demonstrating against child slavery throughout Spain, in Iberoamerica, in the United States, in Italy,...

Silent public gatherings, exhibitions, poetry reading, street drama, concerts,... and other different performances were carried out yesterday by the Christian Cultural Movement, Solidarity Youth Path Association and SAIn (Internationalist Self-Management Solidarity) Party to commemorate Iqbal Masih's murder and in solidarity with more than 400 million child slaves.

16 April was the International Day Against Child Salvery.
  • A day to denounce the political, economic and socio-cultural causes of child slavery; a situation which enslaves more than 400 million children in the world.
  • A day to fight non-violently and to show our solidarity with child slaves.
  • A day for hope. It is possible to stop and eradicate this evil. There are organisations such as: The Christian Cultural Movement, youngsters members of the association Solidarity Youth Path and a political party: SAIn (Internationalist Self-Management Solidarity) who are determined to continue their fight against child slavery. Their work does not start or end with this commemoration. In fact, they participate in the Campaign for Justice in North-South Relations, which was launched 25 years ago by the Christian Cultural Movement and which was later joined by Solidarity Youth Path and SAIn Political Party.

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