Saturday 15 September 2012

Chinese Slaves Write to Us

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In Santiago de Compostela, a woman told us that while doing her Christmas shopping, she went past a Chinese Bazaar where she saw a note written in Chinese on a slip of cardboard but, as she couldn’t understanding a word, she gave it no importance. 
After translating it into Spanish, we were impressed by its content, which we want to make publicly known.

Dear friends,

When you are wearing these bags, do you know where they are made? These bags come from a Chinese prison. As prisoners, we have to work 19 hours a day. We have no time to rest, or much to eat, and still less do we have human rights. There is no freedom here, just work to do day and night non-stop.

Please, demand our human rights online for us. We are prisoners of the Chinese prison of the city of Jinzhou, Hebei province. The Government beats us and insults us. Quite often they don’t give us food and we are hit when they think we are slow to do our work. In prison we are living a life worse than wild beasts.

We claim our human rights!

China is a country which pretends to care about human rights, but human rights don’t exist here. For Chinese Government officials, prisoners are not human.

I, a Chinese prisoner, beg you to pass this information on to everyone so that the whole world can know how prisoners are abused in the public prison of Jinzhou and in other prisons of China.

50 Prisoners,

August, 2011

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